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Rise Above The Clutter
With a personalized plan that accounts for your space, lifestyle, and needs you will be able to rise above the clutter in less time than you think.
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Become ClutterFree
The most important outcomes are that your project goals are achieved, you feel great about the process, and you have the tools to lead a happier, organized life going forward. Living ClutterFree provides peace and harmony in your life.
Enjoy Your ClutterFree Life
The services and resources that I offer can help you live with less stress, be more productive, and enjoy your daily living spaces to the fullest.

Hello and Welcome

I’m Denise Stalsberg and I’m glad you’re visiting my website! I am a NAPO Professional Organizer specializing in residential home organization, downsizing, and relocation.

While I work with clients all over the United States, I am proud to call Scottsdale, Arizona home. You can learn more about me and my business by clicking here, but what I really want to focus on right now is you!

You have found my page because something has prompted you to seek assistance with your home or move. Perhaps you are looking for better storage solutions; have recently had a life event that changed the way your space needs to function; you are downsizing; or life simply is demanding your energy and focus on responsibilities greater than organizing your home.  

I understand how stressful it can be to trust someone with your home and your belongings. Please be assured that I will keep your information confidential, my business is licensed and insured and that I will work with you at your pace to make sure you are comfortable with the process from start to finish. I believe listening and connecting with my clients is the best service I can provide as a Professional Organizer. 

If you would like to learn more about how I can serve you and your needs, please request a complimentary consultation using the button below. 

“Living ClutterFree provides peace and harmony.” -Denise Stalsberg

Summary of Services Offered

Learn more about how I can help you on your organization and productivity journey as well as the client process, by clicking here

Recent Projects & Testimonials

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"An absolute pleasure to work with Denise! She is efficient, personable, and caring. Denise is a problem solver who is trustworthy to complete the task at hand. We highly recommend Denise!”
Peggy & Glenn M.
“Denise was fantastic! She worked at my pace and helped me with some emotionally difficult decisions. My home looks terrific. I wish I’d hired her years ago!”
Janice G.
“Denise helped me unpack and get organized in less than two days after my move. My home is neat and tidy. What a relief after an exceedingly difficult move. I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with her.”
Sharon M.
“I haven’t been able to park my car in my garage for years, and I’ve been embarrassed to even have my garage door open. Denise got my garage cleaned out and very nicely organized. Not only can I park in my garage now, but I have had a few neighbors compliment me on how great my garage looks. Denise was an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Yvonne D.
“Love, love, love Denise! She was so nice to work with and got everything done much faster than I thought possible.”
Marjorie P.
“I went through a tough separation and had just let things pile up. My home had become a total disaster area, but I could not bring myself to get started on cleaning up and getting organized. I found Denise through the NAPO website…thank God!! Denise was non-judgmental on my mess and worked with me at a speed that was comfortable. She did a great job. I’m now able to finally invite guests over.”
Ann K.
“I literally cried when I saw my kitchen after Denise finished organizing everything (she even did my refrigerator). I’m sooooo happy!”
Sonia W.
“The weight that this takes off one’s shoulders is unbelievable! Thank you for changing my life”
Denny M.
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Next Steps & Inspiration

Below you will find the process that most of my clients take when organizing with me. The crucial first step, is for you to request a complimentary consultation where I can discuss your unique project, goals, and answer any questions you may have. Click the button below to request this call.

Step 1 - Consultation

The first step is for you to schedule your complimentary consultation and assessment. 

If you are ready to move forward, I will develop an organizational plan based on your specific lifestyle.

Once you agree to the plan we will schedule a date and time to get started.

Step 2- Begin Onsite Work

We will begin by clearing the area(s) to be organized.

Then we will sort the items into categories (like with like). 

This is also the time where we will separate out items you wish to part with (if necessary) into donate, sell, give away, recycle, and discard.

Step 3- Organize & Maintain

In this step, we will optimize item placement based on functional use and frequency of use (daily, weekly, monthly, or less frequent), and containerize if appropriate. 

Finally, we will discuss and agree upon an ongoing maintenance plan to keep you ClutterFree going forward.

Need some insightful quotes or humor to inspire you before your next organizing project? Then click here